Why choose a women's caftan for summer?

The women's caftan has been setting trends for several seasons and this summer 2022 is of special importance. This garment of Persian origin, has been conceived to provide comfort, freshness and elegance. The Caftan is ideal for enjoying a day at the beach where what really matters is that you feel dressed for the occasion. It draws the contour and combines perfectly with both a bikini and a swimsuit. This week I explain why choose a women's Caftan for summer. Don't miss it!

por qué elegir un caftán de mujer para verano

A caftan should provide lightness of movement, volume in the sleeves, fit to the torso and freedom in the legs. At Paloma Lacaci we believe that these characteristics are achieved with the use of polyester. This fabric is light, fresh and with enough body so that it fits perfectly, without additions, just as it was conceived. In addition, the polyester used passes the standards of sustainable production.

Sophisticated soul edit

This collection offers three different women's kaftans that convey that summer feeling championed by Paloma Lacaci. The chosen colors blend with the light of a summer afternoon and the reflection of the sun on the sea. The colors have been specially chosen to show the fury of summer.

Binda caftan

This garment is perhaps the most jovial, bright and cheerful of the range of kaftans, in floral print fabric in yellows and greens. It is drawn broad on the shoulders to descend through sleeves fitted to the wrist. The detail on the sleeves of the iconic golden roses reinforce the luxurious character of the garment. The Binda Caftan closes with a beautiful lace made of the same fabric.

Caftán de mujer para verano con estampado floral color amarillo

Jeddah caftan

Jedda offers a very sophisticated look, made in a floral print in ecru and brown tones. It is specially designed to highlight the color tones of the sunset, the perfect combination of beach and cocktail in the best company. The V-neck and the wide sleeves on the shoulders stand out. It wears a belt made of the same fabric to collect the garment at the waist.

Caftán Jedda con estampado floral en tonos marrón

Hanya caftan

Garment made in a colorful print that combines red, ocher and dark green tones. Perfect to dress your summer without trying to be perfect. The Hanya Kaftan features a slender V-neck that is fastened with a concealed belt at the waist of the garment. The sleeves are wide and narrow at the cuffs, which, like the Binda and Jedda Caftans, have gold metallic buttons with the size of a rose. Glamor and freshness to enjoy the summer.

Caftán de mujer realizado en poliéster estampado en color

We hope you liked this post about women's caftans for summer. If you have any questions about any of the products, you can always contact Paloma Lacaci, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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