100% linen natural fabric dress, the best ally for summer

Fabrics made of linen are especially fresh and therefore a good alternative for making summer garments. The linen fiber allows the absorption of sweat drops without sticking to the skin. It is not a flexible fabric, so 100% linen natural fabric dresses tend to have a looser fit, which gives a comfortable appearance accentuating the sensation of freshness.

vestido mia 100% lino natural

The use of linen is more than 10,000 years old and was already used by the Egyptians to make garments. The plant, from the herbaceous family, is considered a profitable crop since linseed, the flax seed, is obtained from linseed and tissue oil through the process of drying, combing and spinning its stems.

Do 100% linen natural fabric dresses show through?

In this sense, the answer is easy, it all depends on the grammage, the thickness of the fabric used in the garment, the greater the grammage, the less transparent. Our line of natural 100% natural linen fabric, Natural Line Edit, has a grammage of 277 which makes it completely opaque, that is, it does not fade. they are transparent at all. Another important aspect of using a higher weight in the fabric is that it helps to keep the appearance of the garment intact, as if it had just been worn.

iraia dress lino 100%

100% Spanish natural fabrics

Paloma Lacaci is committed to Spanish-produced linen fabrics, which guarantee unbeatable quality, touch, freshness and color palettes. In addition, our workshops are located in Spain, which work the fabrics so that the finish has that luxurious appearance. By carrying out a localized production we can follow the entire process first hand, also minimizing the production of CO2.

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