Why wear Anahi Collection?

At Paloma Lacaci we are delighted to launch the Anahi collection. This new collection is designed to dress the autumn-winter 22/23 season, where the chosen garments maintain the elegance of the Paloma Lacaci firm with a winter touch and spicy. Read on to find out everything about the Anahi Collection.

Anahi Collection. Wintery and spicy

The garments for the autumn-winter seasons offer a serious and discreet character. Paloma Lacaci differentiates herself by delivering a collection that breaks with this characteristic, Anahi collection investigates the joviality of her garments and respect for the elegance and timelessness of the brand.

Anahi Collection is conscious luxury

The 100% organic cotton of the Eira dress comes from Portugal and is of unbeatable quality. The cotton fabric is one of the most resistant and comfortable to wear, so you can wear Eira as many times as you want without losing its presence and timeless style.

Anahi Collection with own creation fungi print

During the creative process of Anahi Collection we achieved the challenge of creating our own print. The natural forms existing in the kingdom of mushrooms generate admiration and one way to monopolize that effect has been to print the beauty of these natural waves in light fabrics with a satin finish. The fungi print appears on the Illari long skirt and the Aymara sleeveless dress.

Anahi Collection and the application of volume in her garments

The volume in the garments is a hallmark of our brand identity and for the Anahi Collection we continue drawing distinctive silhouettes. The Yara elastic short dress adds volume at the top and hips. On the contrary, the Yuri elastic boat neck blouse brings this volume in its sleeves offering comfort and delicacy. The Nuscaa knotted blouse adapts its volume to your liking thanks to the front lace closure.

Anahi Collection and its commitment to multi-position garments

Anahi Collection delves into the success of the previous collection that contained garments with multiple positions. The Nuscaa knotted blouse and the Yuri boat neck blouse benefit from this quality and activate the creativity of our clients since they can adapt the garment to the moment they want to wear.

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