PALOMA LACACI is a fashion brand that empowers women seeking timeless and effortless elegance, a feeling of summer.

The choice of textures for the Amarina Collection has been essential. The fabrics are of an exceptional quality, they provide volume, comfort and make the garment looks perfect on its own, without further additions. Effortless elegance.

PALOMA LACACI´S models have a very differentiated line, where textures and finishes provide meaning, beauty and a feeling of timeless. Everything in the garment is worked so that the final result is perfect, as if made to order. Our goal is to express the concept of summer in an elegant style in order to draw silhouettes that suit modern women.

The garments are designed from (timelessness) the idea of ​​buying little, but with a lot of quality. Fabrics, sewing workshops and jewelry details are local products, 100% Spanish, that help maintain the local economy, as well as CO2 levels. This fashion proposal is our small contribution to fight climate change.